Episode 47: How to Aggressively Grow your eCommerce Businesses

Interview with:
Jennifer DiMotta
Founder of DiMotta Consulting


For over 20 years, Jennifer DiMotta, founder of DiMotta Consulting LLC, has lead successful aggressive growth strategies for several direct to consumer brands and retailers with a proven and highly sought after method coined “The DiMotta Method” (TDM). The DiMotta Method has been proven in a variety of industries and company sizes to foster and sustain triple-digit profit growth.

In her fast-growing consulting firm, Jennifer educates her clients on how to employ The DiMotta Method in their organization. TDM is about an unrelenting alignment of (1) building a financial foundation (structure) (2) designing expert-driven strategies and (3) empowering top talent. After a highly successful career, Jennifer desires going beyond her current clientele and reach as many businesses as possible.

Jennifer believes the eCommerce landscape is at a critical impasse and must forward-focus on diversification beyond the eCommerce giants (ie Amazon, Walmart). The imbalanced economy online drives the DiMotta Consulting firm to passionately expand their reach in the education of The DiMotta Method and empower direct to consumer brands to power up their growth strategy.

While The DiMotta Method brims with novel ideas on aggressively growing e-commerce and digital marketing success, its core is a straightforward, strategic-planning approach that ensures business, financial and cultural strength. It includes innovative approaches on how to improve the links between the P&L, Business Vision and Top Talent, and can be applied to any phase of business growth.

The Strength component of The DiMotta Method is particularly special to Jennifer as she has personally mentored and coached several women, particularly those who struggle with confidence and courage in the workplace. As Jennifer recognized the lack of confidence in women as well as a lack of resources to develop, she developed a coaching method she calls Six Steps to Coach Yourself To Leadership Excellence where she helps women take ownership of their career development and has proven her methods on herself as well as her executive clients.

Jennifer presents her Six Steps to Coaching Yourself to Leadership Excellence at several conferences and was awarded the 2014 Colorado’s “Most Powerful/Influential Woman” Award and “Top 100 Women to Watch” by Brand Innovators. Jennifer also mentors women at The Wharton School in Pennsylvania and gives time to other women seeking mentorship from other universities. She also currently takes on clients looking for guidance and coaching in their careers.


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