Episode 48: Domestic Vs International Dropshipping


International dropshippers
– Examples: Aliexpress, BangGood, etc.
Domestic dropshippers
– Examples: Manufacturers or distributors that are will to send 1-off products

International Dropshippers
– Pros
– Easy to get started
– Wide selection of products

– Cons
– Easy to get started (Everyone can do it)
– Slow Shipping times
– Returns are a hassle/ do not make sense to ship back
– Very little quantity control
– No discounts as volume increases

Domestic Dropshippers
– Pros
– Not just anyone can buy from them, more barriers equal less competition
– Faster Shipping
– Can help handle returns
– Tighter quality control
– Volume discounts
– Cons
– Can be more difficult to get started
– Typically sell nitch products

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