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  • Logan Christopher
  • Co-Founder of Lost Empire Herbs


Logan Christopher owns Lost Empire Herbs along with his two brothers. This eCommerce company is dedicated to bringing the superheroes of the herbal world into the lives of humans to help assist health and performance. This includes herbs that most people haven’t heard of such as pine pollen, shilajit and ant extract. Some of the main focuses for both men and women are hormone optimization, sexual health, enhancing workouts, longevity, and cognitive performance with guaranteed results. This company was born out of seeking to enhance athletic performance, starting from his first company.

Logan also runs Legendary Strength which teaches people the lost art of strength training. Everything from bodyweight training, kettlebells, barbells, grip strength and oldtime strongman feats. As a performing strongman Logan has done such feats as pulling an 8800 lb. antique fire truck by his hair, juggling a kettlebell that was lit on fire, supporting over half a ton in a wrestler’s bridge, ripping a deck of cards into eighths and much more. These can be seen online at

He has written over 15 books, including Mental Muscle, Powered By Nature, Upgrade Your Breath, Upgrade Your Testosterone, The Master Keys to Strength & Fitness, The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups, The Indestructible Body and more.

He is also a Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer and holds certifications in Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique and Energy Medicine. All of these methods he has taken and applied to health and fitness.

He lives in Santa Cruz, California along with his wife Charlotte, daughter Elka and three cats, Ragnarok, Valhalla and Thor.



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