Continuous Learning – Staying Ahead of the Curve (E81)

  • Stephen Carl
  • Founder of Needle Movement


Stephen Carl is the owner and founder of Needle Movement, an e-commerce strategy company. Stephen began his digital career as an early employee at an Amazon-funded start-up in 1998 and has been chasing online conversions ever since. His past digital marketing experiences cover a wide array of categories: luxury fashion, movies, horticulture and not-for-profit – all with the common thread of translating digital trends into online revenue generation. In 2015, Stephen decided that his true passion was to “help the little guy (or gal)” – to empower emerging brands by passing them the same playbooks learned over two decades of directing e-commerce inside of larger companies. He now advises retail brands at Needle Movement on how to achieve sustainable digital growth and profitability.
Four years ago, he headed up digital strategy at Lafayette 148 New York, a luxury brand that quintupled sales to reach $49 million in annual online sales and more recently, managed growth for ecru, an apparel retailer which increased sales 700% to reach multi-million dollar sales in 2018.



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