Episode 42: An Uncommon Approach to Dropshipping

Interview with:
Carole Rains
Founder of Rustic Artistry

Mentions in the show:

Carole doesn’t fit the mold of the majority of entrepreneurs today, which skews towards men in their 20s and 30s. She didn’t start her own business until her mid-fifties, making her one of the few women in that demographic who become an entrepreneur as her mid-life crisis event.

Prior to that, Carole was a chef (she makes a killer crab cake) and before that, she did pharmaceutical advertising and marketing. It was her adult daughter’s foray into entrepreneurship that inspired Carole to take the leap.

Having become an expert at online shopping through plenty of practice, she decided e-commerce would be her next venture. In 2013 Carole launched Rustic Artistry, an online shop that provides custom rustic chic furniture and décor handcrafted by American artisans.

Parlaying off the knowledge she had learned about e-commerce, Carole founded a second business in 2014, Emu Joy, after learning about the outstanding, but not well known, benefits of emu oil for dry skin, eczema, pain and more.


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