Episode 32: How One Entrepreneur Went from Shoe Designer to A Leading Footwear Retailer

Chief Everything Officer and footwear designer Darin Hager couldn’t find the sneaker style he craved at retail and his forward-thinking designs were hindered by the corporate footwear brands he designed for day in and day out for over 10 years. In 2008 he set out on his own to do what few other footwear designers had achieved; create his own sneaker brand, on his terms and by himself. Today, Heyday Footwear is the design-driven and independent sneaker brand for the freshest in fitness worldwide.

Heyday Footwear designs, produces, and sells directly to consumer, design-driven performance high top gym sneakers for the freshest in fitness. Our customers are at the pinnacle of bodybuilding and fitness in all its forms or aspire to be. We combine flat soles needed by athletes and outstanding comfort that will enhance your gains with innovative designs and premium materials. We boost our customer’s confidence by knowing they have the freshest kicks in the gym.

Heyday is available only at HeydayFootwear.com. We cut out the middleman (the stores), so we (the brand) can bring our amazing, premium fitness sneakers directly to you (the customer) at an amazing (not premium) price. People want what nobody else has, and with production limited to just a few hundred pairs per style, you’re guaranteed to be part an exclusive family. As the owner, I guarantee to provide you with the most outstanding customer service you’ve ever experienced.

It’s not hype, it’s Heyday.

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