Scaling your eCommerce Business Without Funding (E93)

  • Bashar Katou
  • Amazon FBA Seller and Mentor


Bashar J Katou is a serial entrepreneur who migrated to the U.S in 2006 with his family after fleeing the war in Iraq to chase The American Dream. After his restaurant burnt down in 2015, losing over 400k, 3 years of his life and being 150k in debt, Bashar was able to turn his life around when he discovered the digital world.

Today, he is a 7-figure Amazon seller, has taught thousands around the world to do the same, and in fact, one of his top students went from 0-130k/mo in under 8 months and he also plans on launching a book and his speaking career in 2019.

Bashar initiated a movement in 2019 called The Under Dawgs Movement with a mission to impact the lives of 2,500. His life goal is to create awareness of the missed opportunities and help as many people gain financial freedom.



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