Episode 40: Building an Entrepreneurial Skill Set – Learn an Iterative Approach to Building a Business

Interview with

Michael Veazey
Amazing FBA

Show Notes

    • 3.5 Years on Amazon FBA
    • Build a mindset by action
    • 18 -24 months replace your FT income working PT
    • Start with retail arbitrage
    • Adam Hudson – Primed – https://www.amazon.com/Primed-Building-Amazing-Business-Amazon/dp/1546637362
    • Jim Cockrum – Silent Jim – https://silentjim.com/podcast/
    • Tim Ferris Podcast – https://tim.blog/podcast/
    • Pat Flynn – https://www.smartpassiveincome.com/podcasts/Social Media Marketing


Michael Veazey is a UK based (London) Amazon Entrepreneur and Amazon podcaster and consultant.

Having been a musician and music teacher for a couple of decades, Michael got tired of the low pay and unresponsive students.

He discovered the Amazon Private Label opportunity and loved the creativity of being an online entrepreneur, as well as the time freedom it gives once it’s up and running.

Michael had always loved listening to intelligent “talk” radio (mostly Radio 4), that expanded to include a great liking for listening to business podcasts over the last decade.

Having been very inspired by many great business podcasts and blogs over the last few years, like those by Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin, Michael wanted to create one to inspire and help others.

Although there were many other good podcasts about selling on Amazon in the USA, they all had a US perspective. There seemed to be no podcast specifically with a more international perspective, specifically starting from a UK perspective. Michael felt he could fill in the gap.

Amazon business
Michael has been selling on Amazon USA since December 2014 and started selling in the UK in July 2015, branching out into other European marketplaces in late 2016.
In Autumn 2016, he launched a new Europe-focussed brand with a business partner.

Michael hit $100,000 in sales within 2 years with his own brands.
Total sales with Michael and his business partners have passed $250,000 so far.

Amazing FBA

Michael has been running the Podcast, Blog and Facebook Group since September 2015. The podcast has just passed 275 podcast episodes published, with over 100 expert interviews.

Michael started Amazon Mentoring in April 2016, and masterminds in Sept 2016.

In Sept. 2017, Michael founded the 10K Collective, a London-based mastermind of men and women doing over $25,000 a month on Amazon. With collective revenues of over $10 million a year, they meet once a month in central London to discuss and implement advanced strategy and tactics.

In August-Sept. 2018, Michael is finalizing the PLP course, an online course which captures his philosophy of iterative business development; and which focusses as much on the mindset and skillset of the entrepreneur as it does on developing a business.


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